Crossblades – the new dimension
in snowshoe hiking

Crossblades are a completely new kind of snowshoe system that allow the wearer to both walk and climb as well as ski and glide. After a strenuous climb, you get your reward: Instead of suffering a strenuous descent down the mountain, simply switch the Crossblades settings over to “ski and glide”.

The technique can be mastered in no time at all. Beginner skiers should try gliding over easy ground to begin with and increase gradually. Crossblades give snowshoe hiking a whole new lease of life, so you can have more fun when you’re out and about in the great outdoors. Plus, “crossblading” requires less effort than with conventional snowshoe systems: Crossblades are pushed instead of lifted up with each step.


Patented Twin-Deck principle for optimum lift in deep snow and perfect handling on hard snow



Thanks to the patented reversible panel, the Crossblades can be effortlessly switched over from the climbing to gliding setting.


Crossblades come with two different types of bindings: The hard boot binding is suitable for ski boots, and the soft boot binding provides optimum support for hiking and climbing boots.


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